I have had this symptom now for over a year, and it is getting rapidly worse. If I stand still, even for a second, and i go to move backwards or sidewards, my legs are frozen to the spot, this causes me to start toppling over. My legs then suddenly spring back into gear, and i end up shuffling like a trooper across the floor. Most of the time i have managed to grab hold of something, or someone, to stop myself falling, but now it is getting that bad that i am falling and injuring myself, and on occasion, other people. I have told my Consultant about this, but nothing has been advised. Would be grateful to hear about anyone who has this problem, and how they deal with it.

Hi Keith,

My original post disappeared (my fault) so I'll keeep it short:

Puzzled as to why your consultant apparently shows little or no interest in such an incapacitating symptom.

I suppose you have heard of the term "freezing" commonly suffered by some patients as time goes on - or perhaps yoou are describing something a bit different. In either case no doubt others on the forum can assist more than I can

Is your consultant a neurologist specializing in movements disorders which is the ideal but often depends on where you live and availability?

Have you a specialist PD nurse in your area. If so you should be referred to them but sometimes this does not happen?

LAST BUT NOT LEAST have you tried the HELPLINE top left.? Its a source of expert help on all aspects of PD and they always get back to you

So much for keeping it short!!

Best wishes

Hi Keith
I have this same problem and can often be found lurching away backwards from various kitchen appliances, often with hot pans in my hand! I haven't actually fallen yet but I feel it's only a matter of time.
I am told to wear slippers to protect my feet but find they make me stumble more. I guess it's a good excuse to make my hubby do more cooking!

best wishes, mrtoad.