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Hello, just a wee update since I was last active in the forum.
I have retired from the NHS and now wonder how I ever had time to work. We have moved house and although we didn’t think it needed much done we have been very busy putting out mark o. It.
I’m active in the local support group, s very supportive group and I think I’m probably one I’ve the youngest I’m 57.
With all we hear and see on the news about the weather , I must say here in Elgin it’s not that bad, but the coast is a different story. Delighted that I’m at home with my hubby in the safety of indoors staying nice and warm. However my thoughts are with everyone who for whatever reason find themselves caught up in this awful weather.

Welcome back Bethankit! Glad you are active with your local supporters group, I have been on the Committee of our local group for around 5 years now, and really enjoy it. You are so right that when you retire you wonder where you found the time to actually work, but there are so many things to catch up on! - Sheila