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Well I see a number of my old friends are still here and a whole bunch of new people. A little about me. I live in the town of Torquay in Devon (previously Buckinghamshire) as a single person. I have a rented property in a sanctuary home providing extra care. I love it here. I have two daughters one in London and the other in Brixham, but sadly don't see much of them or my one grandson. I am 55 years old and been fighting this wretched disease since I was 39 years old. I say fighting because I am going to give it the fight of its life before I succumb to it . My 32 year old marriage broke up 2 years ago. I am also a transgender in transition from male to female, currently living as a woman.

i would have to consider myself a professional when it comes down to matters about PD. I have done all of the medicines, injections and syringe drivers and have just been assessed for Deep Brain Therapy. Not sure i want to go that route. Maybe some of you old soldiers who have had DBT can let me know how you have coped.Anyway I look forward to co-relating with you all.

Best regards

Oh - hi to Pokermid
hi Chellecin
Welcome; keep up the fight!
hi ya welcome to the forum,im ali been dx for 11 years im 42 years old:smile:im glad you have returned and some freinds here still who you reconize,as you no its a friendly place to be,and gives alot of surport:smile:your deffo a fiter like me by the sounds of it:smile:there is some people on here who have had dbs,may be if you look up the thread about dbs and post there people will see that and will answer it more clearer for you,just an idea:smile::smile:i only no one person meself who has had it,he goes to my pd group,it worked for him and he is now 4 years down the line from havinin it and all is still good,so finges crossed .hope to see you around the forum:smile:
Welcome chellecon!

Enjoy your time here and I hope you will soon have some responses regarding Deep Brain Therapy and people's experiences.

Take care

Ermmmm......Hi chellecon

You have me at a disadvantage.....who were you in your previous life?

It was a bold and brave step to take indeedy!

Welcome back.