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Hi ! not seen this problem on the forum so am posting a new question, My husband, aged 85 has Parkinsons with lewy body dementia and now oesophageal cancer, We live in France at the moment, but I have inherited a house in the UK (Newcastle Upon Tyne). However, although we have excellent health care here, he would like to return to the UK for what may be his final months, This is the problem. We would have to find a way for him to travel which as he cannot walk far and refuses a wheelchair or a walking frame, is difficult…he is, I am afraid, (as sometimes with this combination of P.D) aggressive and unco-operative which would make any assistance difficult !!! He is unable to live on his own and I am his sole carer 24/7. He refuses residential care or help in the home. I am now at my wits end to know what to do !!! Obviously I cannot return and leave him here but the doctor says he MUST go into residential care…he does not speak French and no one there speaks English !!! I would hire a camper van and drive him myself but I am 71 and a Type 1 diabetic who has not driven in the UK for more than 20 years …and when I was last in Newcastle vowed never to try !! ha ha

Anyone got /had this problem,and what did you do ??? any advice welcome ! He would not be able to have hospice care as he currently has no GP in the UK …although I have been in touch with a practice in Newcastle who would accept us with all our health problems and I do know there is a centre for PD research at Newcastle University …H E L P !!! THANKS and a Very Happy New Year to all my fellow carers x


Wow, this does sound like quite a tricky situation to be in! I’m sure that our forum members will offer their support and advice in reponse to your comment, but I also wanted to suggest having a chat with someone from our helpline, on 0808 800 0303. They’re open tomorrow from 10am-2pm, and the rest of the holiday opening times can be found here:

Best wishes, and Happy New Year to you.
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