Returning to work after Christmas holiday

Hi all, it has been a while since my last post. What a year that was. Mother died dog died enthusiasm for work dying. Not looking forward to tomorrow. Dam I am wallowing in self pity. Right  positive stuff I still have a job ,I have wonderful family and friends . I have been awarded the lowest level pip., which I did not expect . I have been referred to memory services , can't remember why:) .o look at the time must try to sleep or I will be good for nothing tomorrow ps there is a rat in my attic,!realy



Hello Popple - just to let you know and probably will make you feel worse, I'm retired now, and it could'nt be better. Sorry for that, I should'nt gloat, but don't mean it in a nasty way, my you have had a bad time of it and hope 2017 is a whole lot better for you, some things always seem to happen together. Hope your first day back at work goes well, but first things first get rid of that bl--dy rat in your loft!!


Aye hello 

if you do have a rat in your attic watch out as they have a nasty habit of stripping cables and could cause a fire be carefull

Hi both ,feeling so much better after the first day blues has been put under the rug. No chance of retiring any time soon, getting our home as maintenance free as possible isn't cheap. As for the rat it could be a squirrel,poison in position and camera in the attic smile please and Bon appetite