Review devices and apps for Parkinson’s!

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Parkinson’s UK is putting a new emphasis on devices and apps that could help people with Parkinson’s. As part of this, we’re building a new service that will give you real-world information about how well these things might work – based on the experiences of people with Parkinson’s themselves. We’ve got two ways you can help us with this work, if you’re interested.

  • First, we’re putting together a group of people with Parkinson’s to do the reviewing. We’ll provide you with the device or app, together with instructions on what we’d like you to do with it. Your experiences will inform the review we then create and publish on our new service. Click here to register your interest.
  • Alternatively, we’re also building a small Steering Group to make sure that we keep focused on the needs of people with Parkinson’s. This group will meet virtually and regularly to review progress and provide feedback and accountability for the in-house team who are actually building the service. Click here to find out more and apply.

Thanks in advance for your help! :blush:

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