Revitive and Circulation booster machines or similar

Hello, sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, I had a look but could only see a few comments so wanted to ask specifically to see if anyone might have any advice on this. My Dad has Parkinson’s disease and has been suffering more within in the past few months, (he was diagnosed in 2017) I think as he’s likely due for medication change/increase and trying to get it right.

One problem he talks about is a significant pain specifically in the back of his left knee, to the point that he wondered if it is Parkinson’s or something else like a trapped nerve - yet it only seems to get to it at it’s worst when the tablets are wearing off.

It’s hard to get a good description of the pain from him but he describes it sometimes as a tingling sensation. It seems to stay in the back of the left knee area and started off as a numbing pain and gets severe. it comes out of the blue and can wake him up, and he has trouble sleeping. - sorry that description is a bit vague and all over the place.

My brothers and I have been wondering about this Revitive machine advertised by Ian Botham, and similar circulation booster machines or massage machines or TENS machines. I wondered if anyone had had experience of similar pain or issues and used any of these machines, how have you found them, or have you used other strategies.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long rambling message, my first time posting on here.


My husband swears that daily use of Revitive helps him sleep and has almost prevented his previously painful cramps - just one or two cramps a month and no sleepless nights.