I am new to the forum my first time, I have had Parkinson's for some 7 years now and  at 79 years of age I consider myself in reasonable control albeit suffering other medical problems  also .  I am  looking to see if anyone has the same experience

.I walk my dog every morning through the woods and have no problems, however when I am walking in town or built up areas I  experience a feeling that i am not fully  in control of my actions as if I am  in a kind of a dream and out of balance. This is the best way i can describe the experience.

Do any other sufferers experience this.


Hi. I experience the same thing in that I walk quite well in the countryside but am significantly worse in town/shopping. I put this down to there being much more stimulus in built up areas for my brain to deal with.

Hi Chrissie,

I agree,I am much better at walking in the countryside,I feel out of control in crowded streets.

Thank you for the 2 replies, however I would appreciate any further comments from people experiencing the same situation or in fact possible reasons causing this feeling.

Talk to your neuro or PD nurse if your not getting the answers you want

I am more than aware I could do that!!! ,------ I was looking for others that may experience the same or similar   to offer more constructive comments.

You are a very rude man and I would be surprised if anyone would want to talk to you your attitude stinks , very selfish .

Your second reply is as negative has your first

We all try to be pleasant to each other on this Forum, so please don't start arguing in your first discussion, RG59. People are only wanting to help.

In answer to your question, I think that when walking in the countryside, we are free to wander at our own pace, in the open air and with no need to concentrate on bumping into people or thoughts about crossing roads, etc. Whereas, in built up areas, our brains have to work much harder and consider others around us and how we are going to get from A to B. Because our minds are working more, it could cause the feelings you describe, as we are more tense. I have exactly the same trouble and I'm sure many others will agree.


Many thanks for your constructive reply, it was not my intention to appear offensive in anyway but i confess i took the reply from  ldj as a little patronising. I may be 80 years old next year with Parkinson's  but my brain is always active and can  cope with most things on offer in an intensive, controllable manner.
This is why i could  not understand the  seemingly loss of control in built up areas.​ I do appreciate others thoughts in similar circumstances.

Kind Regards and no offence intended.

Good Morning all,

Recently I have a strange situation /feeling where I occasionally see images in my peripheral  sighting in each eye separately  , generally of close family of friends,  only for a split second

I would appreciate any comment from others that may experience the same


Regards  RG59