Rho Dickson singer/songwriter

It’s been a long long time since I posted anything on the forum. Long enough for it to forget who I am! Or did I forget?!!
I’ve been busy….
Busy writing my songs, singing and playing acoustic guitar. In fact, I’ve just been interviewed on BBC Radio Somerset last week, about it all.
I’m 65.
I was diagnosed over 11 years ago now and have had a pretty rough ride over the last 3.5 years.
I had to leave my husband after over 30 years of marriage. I’m not going into any details about it as I feel it’s too private. It was the single most traumatic thing I have ever had to face and a very very difficult time. It still is, although getting easier with time.
I turned to poetry to try to help, writing about my thoughts etc… I had already started guitar lessons and had found a wonderful singing tutor so I then progressed to writing lyrics and then writing my own songs.
I’ve just released a cd called Who Knows which is available on Spotify to listen to.
I know it sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet here but there’s a reason why I’m telling you all this.
And the reason is….
Don’t give up!
Don’t give in to it!
I know how hard it is believe me and there are times when I want to lock the front door and pull the duvet over my head! I look at myself in the mirror first thing and can’t believe what I’m seeing!
Shower and wash my hair in the morning?
Forget it! Not a hope.
Shirts!!! Oh perlease!!!
I can go on and on… you know the story!
But… I don’t. I pull myself together, crank up the volume on the Bluetooth and hit ‘The Stones’ greatest hits. Or Chaka Khan, or Frank, whose got me under his skin! And I give it some serious old woman moves baby!
Try to find a positive if you can.
I’ve just started meditating now and it really does help. Stretching and my version of Pilates/yoga which is slow and easy. Walking if you can, or if not just simply being outside with nature.
Nature, unbelievable friends who have helped me, bloody mindedness and a refusal to give in are helping me through.
I try not to let negative thoughts in. I’ve no time for them… they serve no purpose to me.
We all know we’re stuck with this awful disease but, kick it’s arse from time to time and take back control!!
Best of luck everyone.
Rho Dickson xx

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