Right miffed with DVLA

So the wife gets a call saying she has to have a driving assessment, call came from the assessment centre. They are all very nice and helpful and say it will be end of May.

Now this is all well and good but she isn't completely 100% and was not going to drive until she improves a little and after she had seen her consultant in May when he is supposed to fine tune the meds.

Help line sensibley suggested she call DVLA to explain and enquire about whether the time frame is extendable by a month or so.

Called DVLA, if you dont get the assessment done in 6 weeks we take your licence away. No flexibility, bunch of to**ers, got half a mind to pop up to Swansea and bash some heads together.

As soon as the wife no longer felt confident in her driving ability she stopped, she didnt have to in fact she could still drive now if she wanted to but no she was sensible.

DVLA are morons.