Rigotine and alcohol

I read in the leaflet that alcohol should be avoided but my consultant said it was okay in moderation.  I am on 6mg patch of Rigotine and have been for the last four months.

I find that I am able to have two glasses of either red or white wine.  The red wine gives me no problems.  Fizzy white does not either.

However, it all depends on which still white I drink as to how I react.  It seems immaterial as to the category i.e. chenin blanc, chardonnay and so on.  But rather the individual wine.  Last night, for example, I had two 125ml glasses of a chardonnay and found that almost immediately I felt hot and started to have what felt like a panic attack.  Why did I continue drinking?  It was so gradual as to be almost imperceptible.  It was only later that I pinned down the chardonnay as the likely cause.

My question is: does anyone else have or has heard of this sort of reaction to random white wines?  If so, any ideas what could cause it?

Hi Motherofthree

I like my glass of wine too.  Ironically I drink white wine and it doesn't affect me in that way.  I do have similar to the menopausal sweats and I am 71, so it cant be that - can it and not always related to having drunk wine.  And it really doesn't matter which white wine i drink although I tend to stick to the same.  It's cheap and cheerful but I find it fine.  Kooliburra, chardonnay from aldi and only £3 99.

If I drink red wine I do get headaches and have been told it is the tanin that they put in it.

I would be interested to know if it has the same effect on you but can understand if you dont want to give it a go.


Thank you for your reply.  As I said, my reaction is totally random, so I will give your Kooliburra a go.  I am now compiling a diary list on how each wine affects me, or not.  I can just see me bringing out this list at a restaurant  and comparing it with a fine tooth comb!  Or consulting my list and asking "do you have .........?"

I'll let you know re Kooliburra in due course.

I have a sneaky feeling that it is one of the additives to the wine that affects me........