Riser adjustable bed


I was hoping someone could give me some advice on adjustable beds please , my Dad is looking for a 3’ 6" petite double to help raise my Mum who has trouble getting up. Any recommendations much appreciated. Thank you. Jacqui

Hello Kiwispirit
I assume you are looking to purchase and would strongly advise you to make sure you are well informed before making a decision. It is potentially a big expense which could be costly if it doesn’t do what you want. There is a wide range of adjustable beds from basic raise head and feet to bringing someone to stand and everything in between. In addition there may be a cheaper and easier option that would meet your parents needs ie there are several pieces of equipment that are easily fitted and would not require your parents change their bed.
You have two main options
Request an occupational therapy assessment by contacting your local council adult care services. You can also if you prefer pay for an assessment by a therapist in private practice - the College of Occupational Therapists would be able to provide information on how to find one.
Alternatively find a reputable company who have a showroom where you can try the different types of beds and equipment. The best companies will bring products to your home - yes even beds - to try and this is always good as you get an accurate idea of what fits. The best companies do not do a hard sell they want you to get the right product not just a sale. You are the customer so never feel pushed into a purchase.
If nothing else please read this before making any decisions - its on the Parkinson’s UK site
Let us know how you get on