Riso Triene food supplement

Has any one on the forum tried "Riso Triene" an extract from rice, to alleviate their parkinson's symptoms. If so, what were the results? For more information search:

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I am sure all of us suffering with Parkinson's would be interested in any positive results.
Possibly one of the best people to ask would be chewexpert. He is the one person who will give a no nonsense, honest answer.


Hi- this question is rather old but I just came across it. My mum was diagnosed with Parkinson's 11 years ago and initially it progressed quite quickly, she is on some medication. She's been taking RisoTrienne for 10 years and is so well- she's had a triple bypass in that time too and recovered remarkably. It helps with her tremor, dexterity and general rigidity. Her consultant reviews her annually and he has been amazed each time at the slow progression of her Parkinson's. I'm not a researcher but I would certainly say that it help her- yes





it would seem that this company is breaking the law in advertising its product as being a treatment for various conditions.


I'm not qualified to comment on the way it's advertised however I can say that's it's helped my mum 


Hi Bez,

I'm really interested in trying Riso Triene, please could you message me to let me know where you can purchase it from and the cost as i'm struggling to find it!

Many thanks



Hi Bez,

I'm interested in trying out Riso Tirene but having trouble finding out price and where to buy and  in what form. Please could you message me what & where your mum gets her's from?

Many thanks



Hi Drobb, I just googled risotriene uk and lots of info came up.

Neenag X


Hi Drobb, so sorry I only just noticed your question- I order it from USA and get it shipped across, it's not cheap because the shipping adds quite a bit. Is there a way on here to message you? 


Hi Bez,

Thanks for reply, i haven't been on here for a year! but still really interested in brand you purchase. You can send me a pm to my e-mail if this is permitted on here (moderators please forward privately to Bez if not allowwed on here, thank you!)

It's [email protected]

Thanks Bez :)