Anyone on this medication?

If so, how long before you found it to be effective?


Not heard of that one. Is it a Dopamine Agonist?



No  samdog. Perhaps you could Google its use. That might explain things.



Seeing the consultant next week and we DO expect answers.Rivastigmine is used  to help halt, for a short time, the further deterioration of memory problem associated with Parkinsons.

Unfortunately, it will not stop or reverse the symptoms but it just may, if it can be tolerated,(many cannot cope with the many side effects), MAY help slow them down for a time.

If no improvement is seen in 3 months then the treatment will be stopped

 The ultimate treatment time is 2 years, it's  discontinued after that, BuT that gives me another 2 years with my OH   hopefully knowing me and that is worth the whole world to me.

Early days yet to see what happens,just 2 weeks,hence my original post on how long before I see an improvement.

If  anyone has been prescibed this  drug then please reply.