I have been taking excelon  rivistigimine 3mg with no problems last prescription was dr reddys rivistigimine  I seem to be getting a bit muddles and confused since taking them  anyone know if there is a difference between these brands


The new prescription could be a replacement generic form of your other meds, which a lot of PD sufferers have to put up with. In my case the generic drug suited me but some sufferers could not cope with it. I believe if this drug does not suit you then you can request the original drug back stating it does not suit you, having said that the powers that be say that there is'nt difference between the two! Phone the helpline and speak to someone who knows what your rights are with this situation

Good luck  Sheffy


Thanks for that will ring tomorrow 



Hi Gj, did you phone regarding the generic meds you had been offered, if so how did you end up?



Needed to ring gp didn't think there was any difference between brands but my wife stuck to her guns and she agreed to give me Exelon brand for week they have made a huge difference doc ringing us back tomorrow for a follow up will let you know the outcome the problem was the chemist could not get 3mg dose therefore they would have to double up with 1.5mg dose it's all about cost. But we will see what happens tomorrow. Thanks for your reply

Well done for running the gauntlet of the GP!!

In a similar situation here. Originally the Rivastigmine was branded Voleze. 3 months on  the next prescription was branded Eluden. More confusion on the Eluden compared to Voleze.

Different/ generic forms DO make a difference. OH took  Requip for years but the generic Ropinirole, which was substituted at one point, was not effective at all.   He went back on Requip and his symptoms were fairly well controlled again.

I have just written a letter, prior to our appointment later this month at the clinic saying that, when the repeat prescription arrives in the post, I will request that the pharmacy issues Voleze, NOT Eluden. Maybe it's just a deterioration but frankly, in a  few short months, I don't see that being the case.

 I get so many different brands of my thyroid medication and I also see a difference between them.

Another matter for PUK to take up, maybe. If it works DON'T change it purely on the cost  factor!! This is about the quality of life for PWP that health boards are playing with.