Right here we goevilthose of you who do not like my style of how difficult life  can be when BLACKHEART strikes, or who are easily offended by expletives, obviously  I wont use the complete word as it will  be edited out by  WINGCO E, but you will understand, also I WILL be attempting to start a thread CALLED FAMOUS PEOPLE YOU HAVE HAD A  CONVERSATION WITH,or shook hands with , not just a noood or even a nod or a smile but a genuine longish chat, those of you who I judge to have been lucky enough to have meyt oh bu,,',rwill recieve a FUC,I have not been in a position that would allow the FUC ceremony to take place as it was intended as a stick carrot  ruse my unsucessfull attempt to gather enough of youse interested is another quiz, there was only a few, well  3 Ithink who were keen,and we agreed that 3 wouldnt dee,  dee means do on Tyneside,, so I have many FUCs in my possesion  " I KNOW BUT ITS LATE" and its past the watershed, so I WILL BE awarding FUCs to the person or persons who  have had the most intersting encounter with a rich or famous person, male or female or undecided, just in case I am going to  be edited out a FUC is FEDS UNIVERSAL  COMMENDATION, and that has been universally accepted and wellcomed by a vast number of legitimate organisations, for example, NENO, NorthEastNuttersOrganisation, and only recently by the SDMSHAG, or SeatonDelavalMobilityScooterHellsAngelsGroup, Seaton Delaval is where we all live,all have taken up membership of the organisation to obtain the safety in numbers theory as persecution  is rife in our village, as the title suggests if we use the roads white van man pounces if we use the footpath we learn many new and fascinating words  mainl from the mouths of babes or their mums, I can feel parky trying to shut me down my friends so I will continue with  this post tommorow when I will describe the very unpleasant encounter I had with a motorist, and I was on the path, so Iam off  to do battle now it certainly cannot be described as sleep

                        I SHOULD ADD THAT THE ABOVE AWARDS ARE WORTHLESS, and cannot be cashed in

                                           Kindest Regards  Fed     1.24am




                         Hello and good morning

                                        Well i am up to speed at last but waking i a great effort 95% dead is the best description and its so impossibly  difficult  to make m limbs move, but you dont want to hear that you want to hear about  my encounter with the Lady, well  thts not a correct description of this person I cant even think of a way to describe a human being who was driving a big Mitsibushi  4x4 with six kids  on board, attacking a disabled man on a MS, I will call it this from now as I dont like the description," mobility scooter"doesnt sound veryy macho does it, so its  MSctr from now. The encounter began yesterday at about11am, beloved wanted a few things at the supermarket and as she has been a bit off colour lately I offered to go and  get the shopping for her, it was sunny  and its quite nice riding around effortlessly on my GTSctr,I have retained my driving skills and my situational awareness it as alert as ever and I am not one of these idiots who fly around the shops with  no  regard for the safety of  others,and so it was yesterday,but I am ashamed to say I did lose it a teeny eeny bit, well no it was a lot really this person was driving east with the big Mitsy  and I was travelling west on the opposite side of the road, I  suddenly became aware that she was heading directly fo me crossing the busy road forcing a bus and a few cars to brake hard she mounted the kerb and was only10ft away  from me when she brought the big vehicle to a  stop ,so along with the other motorists who blew their horns at her, I dcided to throw in  my two pennerth and informed her that apart from her driving being illegal,  she was stradddling the double yellows, and parking on the footpath both will get you penalty points,,and a fine, I was in the process of teling her this when she launched herself at me her face was 6inches away from mine and she was using language I had never heard before, I was shocked at the ferrocity of her tirade, and a number of people had gathered some of them told me they thought she was going to kill me.

                           I WILL CONTINUE THIS EXITING STORY LATER AS IM OFF TO SEE JIM NASIUMyou know the guy with all the fitness centres .cool                      




Well I made it I MADE 12MLS on the execise bike today my target is  15 but I am completely funclemicked and will take all day to recover, the saying goes THERE IS NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN  and that is very true.   now back to my close encounter of the third kind,

                                                                  I have always been very respectful towards the fairer sex but this maniac was losing it and I must say I was frightened my  legs went to jelly and as i tried to srand up or stand  up even I STUMBLED AND FELL it was at this point that the onlookers had  enough and manhandled this hideous creature way from me whil two young lads helped me up  and sat me  back on my GTMblty, I was OK but shocked, I found out later that she was collecting a repaired washing machine and wanted to be right at the door and I  was  occupying the space she needed, which is fair enough, MY NAME IS NOUGH, FAIRYNOUGH sorry coulnt resist that ,also the local traffic warden turned up and had seen the whole thing I never have I been so pleased to see a traffic warden, as a direct consequence of this worrying incident I am now not so confident,I have also been informed by the local police community officer that I COULD PRESS CHARGES if I wished, but I dont want to go there  I have enough problems as it is, so those of you who use these devices always be alert as you never know  whats  round the corner.

                                          TAKE CARE ALL OF YOUSE