Robin Williams

Hi all,

Not many of you are here now but you've probably heard the news: Robin Williams has been diagnosed with Parkinson's before his death.

We don't know much about this yet. We don't know if he was showing symptoms, or the inevitable question, whether this played a part in his decision to end his life. 

We've posted on this website about what we do know and our chief executive  Steve Ford responds to the news: 

As always, if you need to talk to someone, there are many people here on this forum. In the morning, our helpline will be open again at 0808 800 0303.



It is becoming increasingly annoying all these has-been celebrities jumping on the Parky bandwagon. Surely someone.from the 70s has got MS? At least Terry Pratchett had some originality. Thank goodness 70s icons such as Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard have resisted this temptation, if not others.


I have no claim too fame Turnip i am a 70's child if that helps and i do so hope too jump on a band wagon of having a diagnosis sometime before the next decade or my own demise.

""One person every hour is diagnosed with Parkinson's in the UK, and we know that for many it can be a confusing and uncertain time."

I Rather think it's more like .. ''Persons wait every hour as a appointment with Neuro is never certain"


My thoughts entirely, Turnip.

Had my diagnosis today. Very worried about the future.


dear lovejoy 59

i presume you were born in 59 like me. i was diagnosed 6 years ago. the prognosis varies enormously.

I am still working and looking after two children, one disabled.  My wife died four months ago. Next month we are all travelling to China to meet my new girlfriend and hopefully new wife . When life kicks you in the **** you kick straight back. You do not give in. You do not hang yourself. You take risks. You fight on. You may not win in the end, but by christ you go down fighting till you can fight no more! 

I like your style turnip.  I agree keep fighting if you are able to.  It does become more and more difficult but face it full on.



Oh yes, all power to the fighters!  When the going gets tough, etc, etc …..

If you want to do something, don’t retreat into helpless Parkydom, just DO it and, as Turnip says:  “Kick life in the ****”.  (But why do we have to use asterisks?  Why can’t we just say “arse”?)

Good luck to you, Turnip.

Lily x

I wonder what, if any, Parkinson's meds Robin Williams had been taking.  For someone already suffering with depression a PD drug could have messed with his mind?


in particular, was he prescribed amantadine which has suicide as a known side effect?

thanks Lily. though i had 'balls' in mind 'arse' would do just as well




We all have arses but we don't all have balls.

Hi turnip

I was born in 53 not 59. It is always a shock to be given a diagnosis of Parkinson;s disease at an age.Your reply cheered me up a bit and has given me some hope but the future  seems very daunting at present. I work part time in a very stress full job ,not sure how long i will be able to continue.I just haven't got the courage you have got but lets hope i will feel better about this dreadful disease in due course. Good luck with meeting your new girlfriend hopefully new wife. Thanks for the encouragement





That is so true.


Yes we all have balls , some of us wear them on our chest big grinwink

The definition of a Person who lives with Parkinson's is courageous as the alternative is to be like Robin Williams .

  Live well   Cc

its easy to be brave when the meds are working. its when they stop working that the test of character begins.

i was annoyed with Mr Williams for letting the side down and giving a very bad example. But who knows what it is like to be manic depressive with pd except the unfortunate few who are stricken with both?

I think I have recently been very close to madness myself but would never harm myself because of my children. 

I think I have reached the other side of  mount despair and apologise to anyone i offended during that very  difficult journey.of the last 5 months.

god bless you all