Robin williams

channel 5 tonight autopsy did parkinsons have a hand in his death 

9pm sorry wink

It says in today's paper that he had Lewy body dementia, was taking Mirtazipine and Quietapine alongside Levadopa.

He had been showing disturbed behaviour for some time.

The poor man must have been in a terrible state.

I feel so sad he didn't get the help he needed in time.



I would not be at all surprised if the meds had something to do with his behaviour.  We will never know the whole story and there is going to be a lot of speculation, but I know that when my husband was on certain medication his behaviour was' off the wall'.  The trouble is you can't get the help you need because at first you don't know if it is the Parkinson's or the drugs and by the time you do find out things have gone too far.  Then when you do find out there is a brick wall.  Same old story.  Poor man.  Poor family.  It's all very cruel.


I just saw a trailer on 5+1 for the programme and someone dressed as a surgeon/doctor saying "i dont think parkinsons was the trigger". I'm not sure what too make of that?,playing down PD? going on stats? they might be experts on the illness,but i don't think they are experts on how it effects the individual suffering it.


So what did people make of the program last night?

I might of got lost in translation with the lewy bodys dementia and some of the symptoms of PD  insomnia vivid dreams trips too the toilet over night ect. 

i thought pd & the lewy bodys had something to close in common he should have been more monitored even the best doctors money can buy miss things ! 

Hello my friends

                  For a man who gave so much surely some one should have picked up some signs that he was in danger, you must admit that , especially when in stand up comedian roll, he was  mega zany,, my buddies used to come up and ask me if I was ok long before I was diagnosed with pd I did not notice of course as it was very stealthy and I had no idea what I was in for, I do now.

                                                         Best wishes to all               FED


    I am well now after yet another battle with BLACKHEART, and as in all the ferocious savagery of warfare itts the level of attrittion which dictates the outcome,and during and noticeably after my  horrific encounter  I am left with speech problems and severe motion sickness, but I am up and runniing my friends, and have yet to ugird my loins as I am constantly alert now,for the mortal enemy lies just beyond  view,and its impossible to totally relax, my Mother is recovering well thank god, she has nasty gash on her left hand and reembers nowt abowt her fall, however the much loved Matriarch of our family is tough as old boots and ison the mend age 96, so what I was meaning to say is this, it was multiple hits from all sides that flattened me this time all of them very destructive, so I buckled and fell, and so the circle begins I fall I get mad I fight back, I will continue later

cool Sorry about that, I had to instruct the joiner wot I wonted joining, so as I was talking about Robin Williams I cant even guess the amount of pressure that man was under, there were huge debts, X wife alimony work problems, he just imploded, as some folks do, last three weeks old FED was in a flat spin and into terrain on  many occasions, using aviation terms and no ejector seat, I dont know if anyone was lucky enough to watch the documentary on Eric (winkle) Brown a week or so ago,he  joined the FAA  and became a test pilot flying more than 400 different types during the war and after a amazing man with amazing courage, I have read his book which has much more info,what I like about Eric,despite all the horror of war , the pressure of testing, some of them German, he was a quiet gentle man who flew using instincs, by the seat of  his pants as they say, I shall model myself on Eric,he would not give up give in he was just to stubborn, failure was not in his vocabulary.

                     Kindest best wishes to all FEDcool