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I have been in touch with RBS in the US to ask when they expect to have coaches in the UK and the response I received is below and sounds promising:

Hi Jayne,

Thank you for contacting RSB. We have our first participants from the UK getting trained next month, and hopefully more to follow.

We recommend working with a local trainer until you have a Rock Steady program in your area.

As soon as a new program starts they’ll be listed on our website:

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Sara Roque, Affiliate Services Manager

Rock Steady Boxing, Inc.

6847 Hillsdale Court

Indianapolis, IN 46250

[email protected]

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That should be RSB not RBS… :grin:

Shame I was going to ask them for a loan :blush:


Thanks for the info Jayne x

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Ask for me whilst you’re at it please😉

You’re welcome joanie, I’ll let you know if I hear anything else x

If anyone is keen to join a boxing class I have started groups in Solihull and Kenilworth. I also know of groups in Bristol and Droitwich. Please let me know if you’d like more info and I can pass it on. I also know that there is a group of people from around the country currently trying to get a UK programme going to avoid the expense of the RSB training and licensing. Hopefully this will happen soon.

Hi Jayne. I have only just joined the forum and I am still trying to find my way around. However I have watched plenty of videos on RSB and I think it’s fantastic. I already go to the gym 3 times a week and I have now asked one of the trainers to put together a programme for me which she is doing now. I start with her next Wednesday so if you are interested I will keep you informed. I have already done some punchbag work and I felt really good afterwards. Keeping fit is critical in managing Parkinsons. I have had the illness for over 5 years and my gym work has enabled me to live a normal life.

Have a good day. Gymbo

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Hi Jayne.
I belong to the Boxing Scotland the Nationally recognised Governing Body for Boxing in Scotland. We are working towards a partnership with RSB here in Glasgow. It’s a great idea to bring this to the UK. Knowing how Parkinson’s affects family life, i am keen to see these classes across our clubs here in Scotland. Rock Steady boxing is well attended here north of the border…

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Hi Jayne,

I’m the first Rock Steady Coach from the UK. We are open now and waiting for the first 10 people to try RSB. We are Rock Steady Wirral.

RSB Wirral

It’s a shame there is not a RSB activity in Manchester as yet. Hope this changes in the future as I think myself and others would find it invaluable.

To All. I attend

In the states.(Nebraska) Rock steady boxing is more than a program for your stiffness, cordination,strength,balance and our brain finding new pathways to complete motor controls. For myself the fellowship helps with depression and angxiety.(but not my spelling)LOL. Here probably as well as anywhere in the world to get a program started one has to travel the right channels. Sounds to me that in England you can contact your nurses and doctors to see the positive effect RSB has on our disease. In my case I personally have taken fliers to my doctors office. Also You are lucky that the government handles healthcare. As with all things if you work as a group and show that RSB saves money by less medical costs you can make it happen. Good luck to you it is a great program.

A bit of a Rock Steady

I am very interested in the Boxing class in Solihull.

Could you please let me have some details please


Sorry Andy I thought I’d replied to this the other day but can’t see my reply now. We run the boxing class at Combat Sports Centre in Solihull on a Friday morning. We also run a CrossFit for PD class on a Monday morning at CrossFit Solihull, and PD Circuits class in Warwick on a Wednesday. If you email me at [email protected] I can send you more details. Or have a look at the website

Does anybody have the details for RSB in Bristol please?

Thank you!

Hi Rich. It’s not RSB but it is boxing for Parkinson’s.
Following the link below