Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing is on the way to the Wirral from September!

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Just this week recovered my kickboxing equipment from the gym where I taught until about 18 months ago.
I had been holding back on collecting it for a number of reasons. Mainly because it makes it final. My martial arts days are over.
Having described to the owner in reasonable detail why I had to stop teaching his final words to me were that I would be welcome back when I got better.
Did he even listen?
Maybe I could change kickboxing for fishing?
Something I have never tried.

Hi hubby

Well this is it, they all seem like they are listening yet out of the blue they come out with remarks like this which makes you think dodo they every listen, and do they care. You do how and what your body can’t allow you to do. I have started taking pictures I don’t have a camera just on my mobile phone. This is find so relaxing. Have a good day :+1:

Regards Raz

Good idea Raz.
Sounds like fun

Yes thanks hubby they keep me busy and my thought away from things that’ will stress me out too much. You take car