Rock Steady Boxing

I have noticed that there are several videos of Rock Steady Boxing classes on You Tube now. I think they were produced for people who couldn’t attend classes during lockdowns. Clearly attempting a class would be better but there are so few here in the UK. I’ve tried a couple in the series Beyond Fitness Delray. The explanations are quite clear and you can do the exercises with a chair nearby if needed. The instructor just uses everyday household items so no fancy equipment is needed.

It’s great to hear that you’ve found some helpful videos on YouTube!

I haven’t checked out the Beyond Fitness Delray series yet, but I’m going to give it a go now that you’ve recommended it. It’s awesome that the instructor uses household items and makes it easy to follow along.
When it comes to getting started with boxing, I think finding the best starter boxing gloves is key. You don’t want to get something too heavy or too light, and you want to make sure they fit comfortably. Do you have any recommendations for gloves you’ve tried out?
Anyway, I’m so glad you found those videos and can keep up with your fitness routine even with limited options.