This is my first contact with the forum and I wonder if anyone is experiencing similar symtoms.
I was diagnosed with PD 32 months ago but about 6 months before this i started to suffer with what i believe is called Brain Fog.
I now have this permanently and it is made worse if I do not get enough sleep, no body however has been able to diagnose the cause or offer any advice.
The only way I can describe it is that my thinking process has been turned down and that i have a fuzzy head making it difficult to carry out some tasks.
Any advice would be helpfull.

Welcome and yes, I do know exactly what you mean. You don’t mention if you are on any meds but mine is definitely meds! I have just doubled my dose of Requip over the last 6 months and the fatigue fog is back. The fog does wear off but sadly the fatigue doesn’t. I can only suggest that you concentrate on getting the best/most sleep you can in an effort to clear the fog. You will probably always feel tired but managing the sleep will make a difference to the fog. If you think it could be your meds then talk to the nurse about trying a different one. Good luck. Fizzy (name describes what my head feels like)

Hi Fizzy,
Thanks, however i do not believe it is the meds as the Brain Fog started 6 months before i was diagnosed and started on any meds, I agree with you that a good nights sleep makes a difference it helps cope but the fog persist and none of the medical team have any suggestions.