Rollator - Advice, Feed-back & User testing

Hello! My Aunty needs a rollator to support her with walking & resting. I am a designer and have taken it upon myself to design a rollator for her that she loves and is proud to be seen with.

I would love to get any advice of what the best rollators have or if there is anything you wish they did have (that they don’t)?

If you are willing to be a volunteer to help me with my research please do reach out!

Thank you so much!

Georgia :slight_smile:

We have two types of rollators, one has four wheels and a seat, the other has three wheels a bag, a basket and a tray the four wheeler my husband uses when he goes out of the house, the three wheeler is used in the house with the tray attached to bring drinks and food from the kitchen to the living room but the tray is a bit small and the fixing is not very secure. Hope this helps