I would be pleased to hear from anyone who is a Parkinson's sufferer and also has a colostomy which has prolapsed, probably due to the effects of PD


My user name is Freddie 1924 but answer to Ronald


How about Ron, hello Sir Ron, you are having a hard time and my heart  goes out to you had a clostomy  and  you  have BLACK HEART PD    things will not be easy for you Ron I, have a device built in    called Duodopa, basicly its a pump that delivers levadopa direct to my  small intestine, let me explain how this came about, my truly excellent ANTI PARKY team with the top man Professor Richard  Walker,were reaching  the horrible that it was eeeeemposseeeble,  to control so they told me,(WELL Mr FED we have used  every trick in the box and  your BLACKHEART is particularly awkward to control and we dont have  any anything else, ( I had been offered Ddopa earlier but  dissmisssedsseseseddesed IT BUg??r  sorry about that Ron it the very very  silly  side of which I posses  2.000.543,248'.00007   ?? at the last count assorted  items ( wizzing  around in my head  and always pop up when I am trying to be serious," YOU CANNOT BE  SERIOUS, YOU JUST  CANNOT  BE  SERIOUS""???? there it  goes  again MY BRAIN is constantly spitting out questions and information completely unconnected with the  subject, so can you name the xtreme of huffy person who was constantly  uttering those words, no  prizes just fun , I also like  to  bring  a  little fun  and  amusement into my prose I CAN TYPE WITH MY  TOES THA KNOWS  BUT WILL NOT  WHEN IT SNOWS Though my   2 pet  crows named JOSE   and HOSE encourage me to so I dooo, (there you   see Ronaldo it also hammers out  poetry , now where  was I ,,,,OH  YES  Ddopa , well  there was   no  way I was  going to  have a hole cut  in my  side, NO  NO  NO  NO  NO NO OH  NO NO,, OK  ALLRIGHT then, and so my little portable friend Dd accompanies me wherever   I go working  very hard  to   keep MR TBLACKHEART and his very close and even more evil buddy  Dee Pression at  bay, Iam  going to  post   this now  but will  follow with a update  BFN         FED


big grinsORRY About the  break Ron its my  way   of making sure the post posts (I have just had some toast with a room full of GHOSTS they come to see  me  as admission is  free of course though  they  work  for me and visit places as employees where I just cant go,, like MEXICO and ACAPULCO ,, SORRY  RONALDO its just  I have  lost so  many  long and   detailed posts, which turns me  into a  RAGING MAD DANGEROUS TO  PCs  of any  shape or  size  , it infurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeates me, however I  avoid the  annoyingmost arsepects by shortening and sending,, now  you  see the  reason  for  me  posting  this post  to  you, is for 2 reasons 1 we both have tubes ,  2  yours is  OUTWARD 3  er  yes  that 3 things and   mine  is INWARD,, 4  OH  YES  well  4 yyou understand  my discomfort encountered on installation  of  Dd   and  5 Idoto  re  you then theres 6  bugg??rrer   yes     the  number  6  is   simply  this Ron, you are  never  alone with a STRAND oh  it  just  could not  stay dormant for  2  mins,  if  you can tell me  the  answer to  that a special prize of a two week camping  holliday in  SYRIA   or  if  you  wish  the  cash  prize  alternative  (recommended)  of  75p 

                                                          I hope I have  opened up  possibilities  new  friend  for  instance  I have   a  new buddy who owns  a  gliding  club  and  he   gives   discounts  to  PD    victims HIS   SISTER  HAS IT                                      So  regards  of  many 

                                                       FED (exlike)


What a load of rubbish !!!

I'd like to know why colostomy sufferers (if there are any with PD) use the irrigation method. Is it due to constipation problems ? and can it be only occasionally ?