Ropinerol side effects


Hi Everyone.
This is my first post so hopefully it's not asking the obvious
I was diagnosed just after last Christmas with mild Parkinson's and was advised by the neurologist to start taking 2mg of  ropinerol XL for two weeks then increase to 4mg for 2 weeks and then if needed 6mg daily. The 2mg I tolerated quite well, but it made little difference to my tremor, the 4 mg made me sleep almost all day and didn't help my tremor, so after 7 days I went back to 2mg for the next  2 weeks.
I then tried again the 4mg dose for 3 weeks but with the same results. I'm thinking of stopping medication until my condition worsens, thus making the side effects worth the gain. My question is if I do this, will the neurologist and Parkinson's nurse remove me from their system. I have as yet not  received a follow up  from either to ask them if this would be the case.
Many thanks for any advice.

Some people choose not to start medication straight away and you are entitled to that choice. I don't think  that you would be removed from the system but I would contact your PSN or your neurologist, (via their secretary),and advise them what you would prefer/like to do for the time being. Then ask for an appointment to discuss other medication options or not.

Hi benji

many thanks for your suggestion, I shall definitely do as you have advised, again many thanks.

Hi. Please don't go off Ropinerol without medical advice. Like Daffy says,  it's highly unlikely you would be removed from any system. Once you're under the neurologist and you need meds or not they will still need to monitor you.

Before stopping meds return to consultant or PD nurse to discuss what's best for you. Sometimes the meds take time to work. 

My only input would be to ask about Rasagline , you can discuss this medication with your medical team.  It was prescribed to me for the first few years  now added ropinerole 4mg to it,.  Its another option to consider.

I accept we are all different with varying reactions but more  tools in the box is always a plus.