Ropinerole withdrawal

Hello, just a question to anyone who has stopped taking Ropinerole (Requip XL) My husband was on this drug for about four years, starting at very low dose and eventually on 8mgs one a day. I found he was always sleepy, seemed to be getting more confused and just generally lethargic. He also takes Sinemet 25/100 x 4 times daily. This was the only drug he has had for his PD from when he was diagnosed 7 years ago. The Ropinerole was added few years later when the PD nurse said he needed to increase meds but instead of upping the Sinemet, she said a dopamine agonist would decrease the risk of dyskinesia. So fast forward to last week and due to increasing confusion issues and extreme tiredness etc, his consultant told us to withdraw the Ropinerole. He was in hospital at the time due to yet another fall and confusion. Per the consultant’s instructions, Ropinerole was titrated by 2mg every other day then stopped. This process was over 5 days. When I found out I was quite concerned as I thought he’d need to come off this drug much more slowly. He’s been having vague but unpleasant withdrawal symptoms since then. He’s eating normally, says he has no headaches or pain anywhere, by just doesn’t feel too good. He’s noticeably much more shaky too. (His PD is tremor predominant but usually fairly well under control) I’ve been trying not to look at scare stories about too fast withdrawals of this med, and can only hope that his consultant neurologist is the most qualified person to make the decision over the timeline for the withdrawal. On a more positive note, he is so much more alert and clear headed and is no longer sitting in his chair most of the time with his head dropped down dozing. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone else who stopped this drug and how long to expect withdrawal symptoms for and how they coped. I would be very reluctant to put him back on this drug. I just hope he’s over the worst as it’s one week today he stopped taking it. I realise it’ll probably take longer to feel back to normal but any suggestions while he’s recovering that may ease the symptoms a little would be most welcome. Thank you Jean