Ropinerole XL and heartburn

I have just moved (6 days ago) from quick to slow release ropinerole. I still get heartburn which I attribute to the ropinerole. Have any fellow sufferers got a way of mitigating this effect? I have been taking ropinerole for a year now, first 6mg per day and now 12mg per day.
Thank in anticipation.

Omeprazole, fantastic for heartburn

I agree with Caroline it helps me with my heartburn and acts very quickly to calm it down.
Radz x
Check the labels on non-prescription medications for heartburn/upset stomach. They may contain drugs such as cimetidine or omeprazole that can affect the level of ropinirole in your body. Ask your pharmacist about the safe use of those products.

from drug interactions with ropinerole.
I had had heartburn for a year or more when my GP sent me for a gastroscope and they found a hiatus hernia, for which the specialist recommended Omeprazole 20mg - and yes, they are fantastically effective!!

In the period b4 this, I would keep a packet of Setlers Tums handy (fruit flavour, I found the mint ones often made things worse). Supermarket brand ones are a lot cheaper, of course. Calcium Carbonate is the active ingredient.

I was careful to keep my GP & neuro/nurse aware of this addition to my daily medication.