Ropinerole xl

Hi one And all,ive been put on ropinerole xl today the old side affects sound abit scary like you can just fall asleep out of the blue even when ur driving ?? Its abit of a pain because I've just brought an atuomactic fiat 500 ?? Shame that :fearful:has this ever Happen to anyone and how have u got on with this drug?? I'm already on anzlect 1mg :wink:
Hi Kev,

I'm on 14 mg of Requip XL, was initially put on 16, then reduced to 12 and now 14MG.

I do experience some tiredness and fuzzy headedness but I have slowly learned to get over potential problems by taking it at different times e.g. if I am going on a longish drive, I take it after I arrive, not before I go, stops me being sleepy and lets me have a clear head for the drive, and I always have a rest before returning.

Doesn't seem to make much difference to me by taking it at odd times occasionally.

Foot and ankle swelling also, but nothing else so far.

Also on Madopar 30mg daily.

I guess that it all depends on your metabolism, your doseage, and the severity of your PD


i used to get very sleepy on requip but xl stopped that. the slow release makes it less likely. not to say that sudden sleep is impossible but i've never heard of it with xl.
Turnip - can you sleep on Requip XL? Everyone I know on agonists seems to have problems sleeeping and as a single mum on boisterous twin boys that's not an option for me.

i used to wake up at 3 for an hour then go back to bed.
hi trixiedee

Like you I do not sleep very well since I have taken Requip XL Had 30gm of Amitriptyline prescribed to take in the evening before bedtime to help me sleep, worked at first but not so much now. I can fall asleep at 10pm and be wide awake at 2am. Not good when you have to go to work at 9am.

Also get swollen feet and ankles by the end of the day. And have gained weight.:rolling_eyes:
PB x
sorry folks that should be 30mg PHEW!!! Otherwise I would sleep bery