Ropinirole and hallucinations


Hi All, my mother suffers with Parkinson’s disease and has recently started hallucinating, the Dr thinks it may be caused by Ropinirole. Any comments welcomed. Thanks.


The Doctor needs to get your Mother off these tablets and on to something more suitable. Contact the Neurologist or their Secretary to give you a new prescription for your Mother. Do you have a Parkinsons Nurse you can speak to ? If so talk to them as well about the problem, they can offer advice and give you help in getting the right medication for your Mother. I took a drug which gave me hallucinations and made me say things that weren’t true, it was horrible for my wife as she bore most of the brunt of it all.



Thank you for the reply. The specialist has reduced her dose of Ropinirole but she’s much the same, it’s like getting blood out of a stone just for her to see them.


Hi @VelvetBiddy,

I noticed that you’ve spoken to your mum’s doctor as well as her Parkinson’s specialist. However, if you’d like more support on this, please feel free to give our helpline a call so they can arrange for a Parkinson’s nurse to advise you on your mum’s condition.

Many thanks,


Thank you Reah, but the PNS is currently on the sick.