Ropinirole and Selegiline

arrowRopinirole wasn't working effectively so (long story short) after much discussion and deliberating I now take Selegiline as well.

I split the Ropinirole doses up to 5 times per day: 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm

The Selegiline is taken once in the morning.

I'm only on day 8 of the Selegiline but I see no improvement.  It is my understanding that Selegiline increases the levels and activity of dopamine.  Working in conjunction with the medication that I am already on, it should make it work more effectively.

Most days I literally can't walk (balance, rigidity, freezing, tremours).  Am i doing something wrong?  Should i be taking the doses differently?  Does anyone have any advice? Any successful routine i can try.

Pretty please!!!









I'm not a health professional, nor a parkinson's patient, but I do take Selegiline for almost 2 years now.

My understanding and experience is that it takes around 3-4 weeks to start being noticeable. What's your dosage? 5mg/day?

There's also the issue of whether you take it orally or sub-lingually (sub-lingually apparently resulting in a lot more bio-availability)

If Selegiline does not work, there's also Rasagiline, apparently a better formulation (also without the metamphetamine metabolites that Selegiline has, which might bother some)


Just out of curiosity, what else is selegilene prescribed for?


Thanks Panhedonic

I'll try to be patient then if it takes 3 to 4 weeks.  I wonder why it takes that long.

I take one 5mg tablet of Selegiline orally in the morning.  Rasagiline isn't an option for me.  It's "blacklisted" in the county and PCT that I come under.


I've taken Rasagiline for the last year. These MAO-B inhibitors are supposed to have a weak effect on symptoms, and certainly i didn't experience any great lightbulb moments. But gradually - even longer than 4 weeks, they seem to have reduced problems. I can really say that I'm feeling much the same as i did a year ago. So on the one hand I'd suggest hanging on in there. On the other hand, your symptoms are clearly worse than mine, so maybe Selegiline isn't the one for you. Time for something stronger??


Hi Panhedonic

I am still curious.

You say you don't have Parkinson's yet take Selegilene and use a Parkinson's forum.

You say it took 3 or 4 weeks to take effect.

Could you explain in what way ?

I just wonder what  you are being treated for that this drug also helps.