Ropinirole problems

I live in Wisbech Cambs. There seems to be a problem getting 2mg Ropinirole around here.  I ran out last time, and had to have an emergency prescription. (that alone caused problems) I'm now down to my last tablet (Take it in conjunction with 4mg Ropinirole 4mg seems fine to get). Even though I gave the pharmacist a good 16 days notice. Is this medication hard to get throughout the UK? If so why?

i live in leicestershire, pharmacist didnt have enough in stock when i got my first prescription 3 weeks ago, but got them in by the afternoon  so dont think theres a problem here 



Yea I live in Leicestershire also, I've never found any problems with getting Ropinirole XL slow release, I'm on 8mg plus 2mg making 10mg altogether.