Ropinirole XL - brand name or generic?

I am on my first prescription of ropinirole xl, and at the hospital pharmacy they gave me repinex XL.
I need to speak to my GP surgery to get the next prescription - should I ask for the brand name to be specified on the prescription so I always get the same brand or will it not make any difference if I end up with a different brand?
I know the active ingredient will basically be the same but there could be a difference in the fillers used?

Hi Kira,

Requip XL is the “original” by GSK. Any other ropinirole is a generic and yes, they can act differently due to different recipes. I was once given a generic from the pharmacist and it released differently and was a bit unpleasant.

My neurologist started me specifically on Requip, however I do not remember if my GP indicated Requip on the prescription sent to Boots. That said, it was not until I was given a generic brand with poor results that I asked Boots to only fill my recurring prescription with GSK’s Requip.

You should be able to request a specific brand with your pharmacy. Boots have been excellent in my requests for specific brands on my repeat prescriptions.

Best wishes, MAnnie

Thanks MAnnie