I already have that in place TeeHee with the GP and have done for a couple of years now, it’s the pharmacist who is saying he is having problems with the supply of Ralnea brand. I’ll get to the bottom of it eventually!

Change your pharmacy/chemist if all in place. Take your prescription where they have the medication you need.

Pharmacies/chemists can order what medication they wish.

I was told problems with getting medication but Boots , had them in stock. It may be problems with distribution.

The advice stays the same if you can get hold of your prescription thats the first step.

Second is find a pharmacy that stocks your medication or are able to order them for you.

To me it is like any shopping if the shop does not stock the item you want , you go to a shop that does.

Pharmacies are a business just like a shop, they make a profit from prescriptions. Some smaller pharmacy do not keep a large stock as they fear wasting money if the demand for a particular medication is low.
The pharmacy may prefer to give the same brand for a particular medication ie ropinerole as it is more cost effective to buy in bulk…

I leave it up to you but worth ‘shopping’ around.

Good Luck x


im so glad that there are people out there that like parkinsons
not that they have it , but because of the money they are making out of it by producing drugs that do not work or have very little or no effect

to me its like playing russian rullet
after many tries we might find what works

i know we all are diffrent but its not like parkinsons is a new founded disease
surly by now they should know

what will they recommend next oh i know
a shotgun and 1 shell
thats if you have to strenght to pull the damn trigger

sorry but thats my moan for the day other than that im happy as larry
hope you find what works for you
live long and prosper ( yes im a trekie fan )

god bless

Hi @itsmylfe,

I hope you’re well.

We know drugs are not good enough and we are doing everything we can to speed up research into better treatments and a cure.

Please feel free to visit our ‘Research Support Network’ where there are opportunities to shape the research we fund and work directly with researchers.

I do hope the information above gives you more insight into the work we’re doing.

Best wishes,

Over the years we have both had problems when our usual mediation was changed to a generic one. Condition not responding as well as it did when meds were changed to generic.
The main ingredient may be the same but what it is padded out/ combined with can make a difference in controlling symptoms.

Maybe a new slogan for PUK…same drug each time makes a difference.

GP’s can put a specific drug on your prescription BUT the pharmacist has the final say on what you actually get, apparently. We are lucky in that our pharmacist sources the same meds every time for both of us and goes to a great deal of trouble to do so, especially when some are in sh rt supply.

I posted this a few years ago and nothing has changed!!!

PUK needs to intervene to ensure that PWP get the same form ANY drug that they are taking, every time, and not just what is the cheapest form, (that is what we were told at our memory clinic appointment this week, was the case).

It’s just appalling that essential drugs for PWP are not available at all times and those that are, are relegated to the cheapest generic offshoot, which is not always as efficient at controlling symptoms, due to what else is incorporated into it to pad it out.

Hi benji,

Many people find that generic forms of medication do work as effectively as brand version, and for a generic drug to gain approval for use it should work in the same way, and be as safe and effective as the brand medication it is based on. If anyone is ever worried about the effectiveness of a type, or batch of drug, they can report the concern to the MHRA’s yellow card scheme.

The MHRA monitor the safety of all healthcare products in the UK to ensure they are acceptably safe for those that use them. The Yellow Card Scheme allows issues to be identified and the appropriate action to be taken.

I hope the information above provides you with more clarity on your query.

Many thanks,


See all the above posts. They MAY work as effectively sometimes, but not always, and NOT for everyone! Those posters can’t all be wrong.

Hi Reah

I’m sorry we seem to be informed that these different BRAND names of Ropinirole are the same as the brand you have been prescribed since you were first diagnosed. One particular brand I was given last year EPPINEX Ropinirole (after being prescribed the RALNEA brand of Ropinirole for eight years) thought I would give them a try to find out that after only two weeks of taking them my parkinsons took a turn for the worse, my functions deteriorated. I contacted my GP and he put me back onto my original brand name and it made a big difference.

So all those professionals who say all brand names are the same are wrong, in that as benji says they don’t suit everyone. Everything was fine up till January 2018 when my regular brand RALNEA Ropinirole was stopped yet again, when I enquired as to why I was told by the pharmacist that they only supplied that particular brand to the hospitals! ??? Why! I wrote to my GP (18th April 2018) because I have been on 3 different brands since January, to ask why they had been changed again from my usual brand, to date I’m still awaiting a reply.