Have been on 6mg Ropinirole since September but last couple of weeks had odd days of feeling sick and suffering diarrhea. But not run before an accident diarrhea. Now here is my main concern after reading on here that this can happen not to worried however. I am sure I was told take 3 in the morning BUT posts on here say take at night which is correct please

HelIo Barticus
I have been on Ropinirole since my diagnosis and timings have altered from time to time with the various change in dose. For some time I have taken all my Ropinirole in the morning, this followed a period when it was last changed to trying it in various combinations at different times of day. Taking the complete dose in the morning worked best for me. So to answer your question there is not perhaps a right or wrong way as such, just the routine that works best for you. I personally have no qualms about taking mine in the morning and have done so for quite a long time. It works for me.