Ropinorole and low blood presure


I have been on Ropinorole (Requip XL) for a while now. I have never been comfortable taking it as my BP drops off immediately afterwards making me dizzy until my BP recovers later in the day. My Parkinson's Nurse (PD) suggested drinking a lot more water and taking salt. My PD nurse is quite adamant I should not reduce the dosage or stop taking Requip XL. My consultant is of similar opinion. They both want me to increase my dosage which I am reluctant to do. I would like to stop taking ropinorole altogether.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with Requip XL, if so what did you do?


Hi Hilley90,

I too take Ropinirole XL and feel a bit strange afterwards, much like you do. (Also take Selegiline). I told my neurologist and he said it was the side effects of the drug, so he suggested I gradually reduce the Ropinirole by 2mg. every fortnight or longer, until I'm off it altogether, as an experiment. So I'm now down from 12mg. to 10mg. a day. Can't say I've noticed any difference yet.

I did ask him if any of his other patients had tried this and he said, Yes, but they all went back on it again, afterwards, apart from two.

I'm not happy taking all this artificial medication, so I intend to replace the Ropinirole with Mucuna Pruriens, which is a natural plant extract containing Levodopa. 

I've done loads of research, to make sure I get the right type and the right dose. I've also taken advice from people on this we'll see. (Start taking it tomorrow).

You do need to drink lots of water with this wretched disease, that 's true.

I hope you come to a decision that you're comfortable with. None of the meds. we are given, are going to cure us, so don't be bullied into doing something you don't want to do!

Hi Twinks

I researched Mucuna pruriens hoping it would be a real alternative to prescription drugs.

However, I understand it does not contain any equivalent to the carbidopa/benserazide drugs that are essentials, added to avoid dopamine also entering the peripheral nervous system causing unwanted side effects such as dyskenesia.

I have no idea how this is achieved or overcome by the Ayurvedic practitioners who apparently use this as an effective medication.

I do hope you have taken good informed advice before going along this route, and look forward to hearing positive results of your experience.



Hi Hillie90 .......I've been on Ropinirole XL for almost 6years now and also take two lots of BP tablets for high blood pressure. I take 16mg of Ropinirole and 30mg of BP tablets, up to now I have not had any problems, I know Ropinirole doesn't suit everyone and I'm sure you can refuse them and ask to be given other meds. I need to increase my meds but they don't want me to increase the Ropinirole, my neuro and parkinsons nurse want me to add Levadopa which I'm happy to go along with.

Have a word with the helpline someone there will give you the advice you need on what to do and what your rights are about medication

Regards Sheffy