Ropinorole side efects

been on ropinerole for 10 years,2 per day just recently had a few episodes of sudden sleep.has this happened to anyone else.I wonder if I should stop taking them, I am frightened it will happen while driving.I am also on sinemet. love to know what anybody thinks.

Had PD for 9 years mostly on Sinemet and finding spasm s very strong and impossible to walk when at their worst. Several hours every day.
Had Madopar and Amantidene but too many side effects
Anyone else crippled for half the day??

Hi@joplin I know this is an old posting and at the time the response was very poor
However, there has been lots of members posting on the subject of suddenly falling asleep
I too take Ropinirole and find I can fall asleep while eating or talking, it’s like someone turned the switch to off. Frightening
What is your current situation?