Ropinorole slow release side effects?

Hi , bit confused at the moment , been on rop slow release for about 4 years ,now on 18mg a day , I think 22 or 24 is highest dose , by now feel that mornings are difficult . Shuffling about the house and my girls and I giggle if I loose my balance when trying to reach something and just about save myself from falling head first into the cupboard . My hands dont work properly and take a while to dress and frustated when legs dont do as I want them to.
Now I realise this is all pd symptoms but could the meds be making this worse . Have looked on internet and results are varied ,,,any one had same expirience with ropinorole xx Thanks xxxxxx
Yup, I have exactly the same symptoms on 14 mg a day, and before I started on Requip XL, the problems
I have now were almost non existent.

So, I am going to see the PD Consultant about my dosage, ASAP.

Hope things improve.

the treatment we get seems to vary enormously from doctor to doctor. but i believe on [u]average[/u], 18mg is a high dose and four years is a longish delay from dx to intro of levadopa. only levadopa triggers the neurons that dopamine agonists fail to reach. i'm afraid its less likely that requip is causing your problems more than the 'progression' of pd and the gaps in requip's coverage are becoming more obvious.
Thankyou for replies , still confused , when I take meds about 8 in morning I feel well by lunch time , its only in mornings . Problem is that doc does not want to put me on levodopa to soon , Im 42 , but saying that , there are 2 ways to look at it , levodopa now and enjoy life now and take the sideeffects later in life hoping that a new wonder drug has been developed by then !! Or struggle on till I get worse and older before taking levodopa ??
I ask doc when I see him are there any other meds to take ,but answer is no.

Any one else in same dilemma xxxxx
do you space out the requip equally? its probably that you just run out during the night and it takes time for slow release to get going (hence the name!). how long a tablet lasts varies quite a lot between people. you could ask your neuro about juggling the times and quantity around.
Great idea , thanks for that , it makes sense , Ill get in touch with doc ,
Thankyou x
Just thought , I take all 18mg slow release together in morning , so spacing this out is normal ? In a way 10mg in morning and 8mg before bed . Being slow release I was told to take all in morning . Anybody taking slow release ropinorole split through day ??
My husband has been using Requip since November 2009. Early last year he changed to Requip XL (not sure about the dose but sounds the same as yourself). It was not very successful as the drug seemed to wear out by early evening so that by the morning, he was incredibly stiff. After about four months, he changed back to Requip 6mgs three times a day.

During the last three months, Requip seemed to be less effective with stiffness returning within 3 hours. At the beginning of July his neurologist felt that it was time to add Levadopa to his medication and he now takes a very small dose of Sinimet three times a day. This has made a drastic difference to his quality of life. He is sometimes able to forget that he suffers from Parkinson for periods of time.

Whilst he is only 53, we both agreed that quality of life was very important now. Afterall, regardless of Parkinson, you could be run over by a bus tomorrow. Yes there are risks associated with the drug but at least he is able to enjoy life more fully now and not have to keep shuffling around, frustrated and unable to join in any of the activities that a man of his age usually engages in.

Hope that this helps.
many people split the dose. probly best to check with doc or nurse first. when i was taking it 3 times per day was best.