ropinrole starting

My wife went on carbidopa-levodopa and most of her parkinson symtoms disappeared, however she as always had low blood pressure and the carbidopa-levodopa resulted in her frequently fainting.
Tried microdine, fludrocortisone, compression socks, adominal binder, etc - still fainting.

So she stopped the carbidopa-levodopa and just started ropinirole (.25mg) once a day with the plan to increase it to 2 a day and the 3 a day.

The parkinson symtoms (tremors/balance) have slowly been getting worse since stopping the carbidopa-levodopa. But the fainting has stopped.

Occassionally she says that she feels weird, walks a few steps and freezes, I help her to the bed.

Is this caused from the ropinirole or the lack of carbidopa-levodopa ?
How much of a dose of ropinirole before she should start to notice improvements ?

Don’t know really bobbee, I have always taken Ropinirole, I am on 18mg per day, it has always helped me.I have had Parkinsons for 11 years now,and have also taken carbidopa/levadopa and personallyI would rather just have the Ropinirole, but having said that an awful lot would disagree with me as it is a med that does not agree with everyone because of side effects. It is possibly a side effect of coming off the carbidopa/levidopa. It is good that the fainting has stopped.Have a word with you parky nurse to see what she has to say.Failing that phone the help line there is always a nurse to give you advice. All the best !

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