Ropinrole XL brands

Hi All
My local pharmacy provides me with a variety of Ropinrole XL brands. Am I alone in thinking some are more effective at controlling my tremor than others? I'm on 18mg per day taken in the morning.I don't suppose I ought to say which I think is worst.
Any similar experiences?


15 years ago my OH was prescribed Requip.

Some years later Requip was replaced with Ropinorole; the latter is supposedly identical, a generic drug(?) BUT it did not have as good an effect as Requip.

Our GP was very understanding and changed us back to Requip.

You may have a point.

Hi I had this concern when local pharmacy changed to Spiroco.
Honestly didn't see much difference

But as they say every one is different

Hi All

I was prescribed Ropinerole when I was first diagnosed last November - it made me very sick and very tired. When I raised this with my neurologist he seemed quite excited because the side effects meant he could now prescribe me another version of Ropinerole which had a 24hr release and would be gentler on my system. He wrote to my doctor to say that I had to have ReQuip XL by GlaxoSmithKline UK Ltd and "not some cheap Greek version". Obviously he believed there are different grades of the drug available. You could ask your GP to prescribe the above and see if that makes a difference. Apparently it costs £4-5K a year to supply the legit version so doctors are not encouraged to prescribe it in the first instance. Good luck - it certainly works for me.

Had ropinirole for 6 months. it just made me very sick. Went on to co-careldopa which helps but it is now very hard to find. Did try sinemet+ which is suppose to be the same thing but this did not work as well for me. Strange because this is the brand product.