Rotherham, Anyone with PD around 50 or younger

Hi All

Looking for anyone in and around Rotherham to meet up. I do go to my monthly PD meeting and they are a great bunch of people but older than me at 52..

wondering if anyone in my area I could get in contact with.

Also I can regularly go a week sometimes 2 without seeing a sole either friends or family do not really think they understand what it is like to be alone. And it is not because I do not go out as I do everyday but no social activities at the moment.


hi sorry noone has replied from your local area .

im about hour and half away in leicestershire . if you want to chat message me 

Hi sorry so late responding but thank you for replying and very nice to make your aquaintance Kittens3. 

How are you do you have PD or are a carer ?