Rotigitine patch

I am possibly going to Jordan in July but I am worried how transporting my rotigitine patches. for my last trip i got a pouch from a company tht is designed for diabeti meds. You soak the inner layer and it swells up crystals iinto a get,which maintain the coolnes for 3-4 days . you then put the meds in the inner pouch. It was more or les ok but I was traavelling by coach from london to frankfurt and just kept the it in my handbaggage.

I will be flying to ahmman of course and assume I wont to allowed to take this pouch in my hand bagggage. I am worreid that if I leave it in my case and it gets lost I've had it. I am in a real quandry.. Has anyone else travelled with the patches. I have two flights, 1 - franfurt 2hrs and 1 to amman 7 hours.

any advice would be welcome. I have heard they have produced a patch that doesnt need to be refigerated but I cannot find out any information on this.

help please
I flew to Australia this year and had the same worries as you. In the end I wrapped the box of patches in plastic, put a cooling sleeve around it (only what you can put around a can of drink to keep it chilled) and stuck it in the middle of my clothes in my suitcase and let it go into the hold. The hold is usually very cold and this proved to be the cases. The patches were fine. (we were breaking the trip in Singapore). Most hotel rooms have fridges these days too. I don't think you can worry about the case being lost as it probably won't be. If you take levadopa as well as rotigitine make sure you have extra pills just in case. Sally.
Forgot to say I think the original patches didn't need to be refrigerated. However,there was a problem maintaining the stickiness,hence refrigeration is required. It's worth checking though. Sally
I flew recently and checked with the airline beforehand so worth doing that initially but I was able to take them in my hand luggage. I was allowed to pack them into a small plastic toilet bag with those blue non-toxic ice blocks (the type you put into any cool bag) and they kept cool for hours. I was advised to take my prescription too although I was not asked for it and had no problems either way.