Rotigotine Patch

Has anyone else got experience with the patch?

Hubby is now on it for one month and it has made superb differences, but we have noticed it seems to matter where you put that silly patch.

Need 14 different places on your skin and when he gets hot and bothered it comes loose, so I got a bit of tape on hand to stick it down. Some places are a bit sore now, by the look of things and we have found via trial and error the sides of the belly is a no go area as it does not absorb at all. Possibly to do with pot belly?


Shoulders and upper arms seem to be best. But not looking forward to warmer weather as I will have to keep close on him and make sure these patches are not coming off .

I used to use microporous tape from my chemist.  You should have been told the best places to put the patches.  Speak to your PD nurse if necessary.  Or see this document

Be careful with this medication.  I developed outrageous insomnia and became obsessive.

Good luck.


Thank you Peter


Hubby is on 2mg patch mainly for his restless legs and to tie him over the night and so far his sleep as improved no end. However his constipation has worsened badly but got sachets for that.

And I checked and I have used microporous tape .

I had a terrible time with these patches, although I think I was on a higher dose.

Couldn't sleep at all, constipation got really bad, and was urinating about once every hour (during the night too).

Didn't help my symptoms, either!

I found the patches burned if I got heat on them (hot water in the shower, or outside in the sun).


i ve been on the Neupro patches nearly 2years and have increased the dosage very slowly. Now on 6 mg and am seeing some positive effect. Was told there would be no therapeutic effect below 4 mg. Can only use them on shoulder, top of arm or thigh as anywhere else is very itchy . Also think they are very fiddly if you ve got PD.

Everyone s different!







thank you samdog

husband certainly noticed a difference with his 2mg patch. he has no noticeable off period during the day and can sleep at night for several hours and if he wakes up he has no longer got restless legs, so falling back to sleep is so much easier. Only on for 28 days, so early days I suspect.

The only drawback is the increased constipation. Used to be okay with Flaxseeds, but now needs to sachets per day of microgol (well Luxido) to keep him going.

Isn't it weird how the same chemicals can affect people not only differently but sometimes in completely opposite ways?

well Tabbycat


we are all wonderful individuals