Rotigotine patches

Rotigotine patches Wife has a DBS system and been put on these patches to improve mobility caused by freezing in the morning. 2 mg patch put on at 8 pm off at 5am. When we place the patch on instant headache pains down electrodes and other side effect with eyes, voice and legs has any one else had any of these worried sick.

Didn’t have these effects for me but just felt really awful - very agitated and “weird” so rang Parkinson’s nurse and stopped using after 3 days.

My husband tried these patches due to restless legs that we now know were a side effect of sinemet he didnt sleep for most of the time he was on this drug and was covered in burn patches from it they even upped the dose at one point until he couldnt stand it anymore and theh took him off it.

Wife put up with horrific headaches for 3 days then came off by her own initiative spoke to nurse Thursday who agreed with coming off the patch was correct. These patches are one hell of a risk warned about the compulsion risks the power/force of the instant headache was a shock to us both but mostly my wife.
It took her several days to pluck up the courage to start them after reading the information leaflet that comes with the patch’s just to be very disappointed with the results.
We both say read the information leaflet