Rotigotine patches

Does anyone know of a good medication to reduce itchiness, read, swelling and other side-effects of the skin when taking Neupro/Rotigotine patches?

I have rotigotine patches and I make sure I put them in a different place every day. Mine don’t itch too much, only if I put them on sensitive areas of skin, ie, inside of arms or
Top of legs. Make sure you clean the area once you have taken them off.

Thanks. I move my patches round + leave 14-21 days before returning. I do alternate upper arms or thighs but it’s not helping. :cry:

Hi! Sadly I had to discontinue the patches because they ‘burnt’ my skin however carefully I rotated them.
I was prescribed Opicapone instead with amazing results.
I’ve been able to continue to take a low dose of co-careldopa which I’m relieved about, it gives me wriggle room for a while longer before having to increase my dosing.
I had a miserable hot summer last year(22) because I had to wait for Opicapone to take affect but now I’m more mobile and looking forward to a weeks holiday with my 2yr old twin grandchildren.
I also have found I must drink a lot more water especially in hot weather to be able to function.
It’s taken me nearly 5yrs to accept I’ve PD but I’m doing my best.
Best wishes to all fellow sufferers

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I am on Rotigotine patches. did a month of 2 mg. Now on the 4mg

only major difference from SINEMET, which does little for me is that i sleep worse.

Thanks for this. I’ll ask consultant about opicapone.