Rotigotine patches

Hi all
Anyone on Rotigotine patches and what is your experience of them? Started feeling a little sick and have occipital headaches. Any advice grateful

Many thanks

I tried Rotigotine patches but asked to come off them after3 days as they made me feel really strange and I felt tearful and edgy - almost like having a personality change. Subsequently started on co-careldopa which works really well for me. Maybe ask if you can try something else. Reactions to medication can vary enormously so definitely worth having a chat with your consultant, GP or Parkinson’s nurse Good luck!

Many thanks for the reply. On 4mg not sure what good doing me but feel weird and have odd sensations in feet and hands. Back at consultant soon

Hi there Coo
I found the neupro patches didn’t agree with me at all. Made be feel very nauseous and I had to give them up. Take care.