Rotigotine patches

I have just picked up Rotigotine patches from chemist,and was told they no longer need to be stored in the fridge,is this correct?
Hello Shaker
I don`t know if your patches should be stored in the fridge but when my OH needed a cream that had to be stored in the fridge the information was on the info sheet in the box. Have another look at your info sheet and you should find the answer somewhere there.
Best wishes
Our Pharmacist always puts a note on saying to keep in the fridge because it comes out of there fridge . I usually keep a few ready in the bedroom drawer to keep at room temp ready to stick on .
I`m still keeping the patches in the fridge, but the pharmacist said it is no longer necessary.
Hi Shaker
Apparently they are now manufacturing patches that don't have to be refrigerated, If I were you I would just check the packaging to make sure which type you have actually been given.
Hi mrtoad,

Thanks I`ll check the boxes in future, that must be the answer.

Yes you are right. i got a leaflet to say tht the new stock can be stored up to 25c. you will notice that the boxes are now colour coded according to doesage. Its great as it makes travel a lot easier