Rotigotine patches

Hello. I wonder if anyone can help me please?
I'm lucky enough to be off on the trip of a lifetime. I'm travelling to Australia via some stop off's in South East Asia also 3 overnight trains. I will be unable to keep patches cool,so was wondering if anyone had a solution? I did wonder if sports ice packs may be a solution?
Thank you,Cazlee
HI Cazlee ,sounds a great trip!! I put mine in small chiller bag with ice packs ,my pharmacist says they are ok for 4hrs without any cooling , but the air hostess will have a fridge , have a fantastic holiday regards Marie:sunglasses:
Hi Cazee I use ice packs on short trips, but on flights I think the hold where the bags are stored is very cold, which is ok as long as your case doesn`t go astray. I always take some in my hand luggage as well. Have a great trip. shaker
Thank you both for your suggestions,they are most helpful.
I hadn't thought of asking for refrigeration on the plane.
I was wondering if the sports ice packs used for injuries, that give instant cold would last? Also can they be carried in luggage hold if they do work?
Hi Cazlee
I also had this problem on a recent holiday. I trusted the temperature in the hold would be low enough during the flight and while away used a hotel fridge and this seemed to work ok.
Unfortunately I recently experienced the effects of a batch of patches which clearly weren't working. I thought I had suddenly deteriorated, couldn't walk, get to the toilet on time or do any of my normal activities. It was only when I stared on a new box of patches and quickly returned to normal that I realised what the problem was.
I sincerely believe that at some point the box of patches had been left out of a fridge for too long. If I needed to be convinced the patches were effective this certainly did the job.
Have a lovely holiday