Rotigotine patches

Hi My husband has been using Rotigotine patches for about a twelve month .

So far he has been troubled with obsessive behaviour should I expect him to ?
there have been cases of OCD with rotigotine. The company says it affects between 1 in 10 or less. I would think it likely to be similar to any DA but it may be a little less common as each DA is different. (this one has a more even effect on all types of dopamine receptor and is a more even supply over time,whether that is important I don't know)
Hi Johnnie
I have started smoking between 25 and 35 cigarettes a days since been prescribed with ritigotine patches
Prior to this I was fairly anti smoking only having the odd cigar at christmas my wife is convinced its due to my meds
I asked my G P and his response was ask your Neuro when you next see him
I have read tht smoking can slow Parkinsons so keep smoking . My husband hasn't smoke for 60 years and I am like a lot of people who have never smoked . I am anti smoking .
If I thought it would help my husband I would go out and buy some today and start smoking with him ..
hi johnnie also on ritigotine 10m/g at press going up 2m/g per mth
so far no side effects seems to be different with everyone ronnie
Hi Johnnie
I dont think that smoking can slow down p d but there are lots of theories out there about it
People who smoke are less likely to be dx with p d I know that the last time I posted about it fellow pwp
came forward with lots of info on the subject
I would not want you to encourage you or your husband to smoke
All the best Adrian
I am sorry . I have just re read my post . It was meant to read that he doesnt seem to obsessive in any way .. How are you all getting on with using the Patch my husband is on 6 mg along with Sinemet Plus . It is sometimes hard to see any differenve but I think it seems to be helping his mood /mentality .

We are struggling at the moment because he is now being treated for his heart so we are not certain how much is Parkinson's or heart ??

Its early days with he heart drugs but tonight he has managed to shuffle onto and turn a little easier in bed..
Hi everyone. I'm on rotigotine patches for my restless leg syn. I started them about 18mnths ago and they have been brilliant at controlling this problem, but I find they only work for a short period. I started on 4mg, over the last 18 mnths they have had to be increased so that now I am having 12mg/24hr and still I am getting some spasm most days although not bad attacks. I now have spsms at any time of day, whereas before it was mostly in bed at night.

What I am wondering is... what happens when I have no more room for all these patches lol?

I recently had problems with my G.P. not wanting to prescribe them because of the heavy cost!
Does this ring a bell with anyone? My husband has been using Neupro patches for several years now. Trouble was that he became depressed, sleepy(even watching his football team on TV!) and began using his laptop for up to 12 hours a day. He was also just not his usual self. My choice? Do nothing or do something ... After discussing it with him and his doctor, he came off the patches (despite reservations). The result? He is a new man. Cutting hedges, lifting and carrying, much more positive in his outlook. To anyone out there with similar problems - it's worth thinking about. Sometimes the side-effects more than out-weigh the benefits. Having read some forum posts, it's clear to me that many people find rotigotine very useful, and I'm glad for them, but this is our story, for the moment anyhow.
Hi glad to see this thread [pop up .. My husband hasnt been very good recently dropping off to sleep and droolimg . We did try reducing his Sinemet I had begun to think maybe he was having tooo much ,kept on with the 6 mg patch . of course it be have been that . there is no way of knowing without coming off them is there . It is so difficuly isnt it .

We know fromexperience what mediaction can do if they done t suit

It a bit like hitting your head at a brick wll !!.
Hi Everybody. I was very interested to read about Neupro Patches. I have been using them for about a year, now on 6mg. I feel much better since starting to use them, except I cant keep still! Also as I have to stick them on myself I run out of places that I can reach !
just think of the savings on waxing! but on the other hand occasional stillness seems a necessary condition for a successful meds regime.
I have found neupro to be an absolute godsend .....I have reduced my Madopar intake by 1/2 and my mobility is great most of the day - I have just spent 17 days at the Olympics photographing at the football -10 matches in total at three different venues : in London ( Wembley x 3 ) , Manchester ( Old Trafford x 3 ) an Cardiff (Millennium Stadium x 1) I was also lucky enough to watch and take photos at Badminton, Basketball , Beach Volleyball and Taekwondo. It involved lots of walking with heavy bags and equipment and transport on trains and buses / tubes / taxis . Totally exhausted afterwards but still thankfull for the Neupro - they enabled me to fulfill my dream!:grin::grin::grin: