I have been advised to start having patches of Rotigotine, I am reluctant to at present but would be interested to hear how other people are getting on with this drug, especially taken with Co-careledopa.
Thanks x

Hi @Margs,

I’m sure you’ll receive some helpful comments from some of our members soon, however, if you wanted more medical info on this, you can visit our website here,

Please don’t forget you can also give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 for my advice on this.

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I was put on Neupro patches some years ago. I also used Sinemet. My mobility improved a lot, however I suffered from:
Daytime drowsiness.
Weight gain.
My wife complained about changes in my personality.
After a while, looking at myself in the mirror in the morning became demoralizing because of all the red patches on my torso.

I stopped using them.

Morning all

When I first got told I had Parkinson’s the first medication they gave me was Rotigotine patches, as they could be worn 24hrs and not pills to be taken, so I just went with it, after a few weeks I started to feel unwell, more mood swings and not my self, so they increased the mg of the patches, than this carried on so they increased again, and again, in between this all happening I was tellling them my skin was allergic to though the patchers so they have me anti-inflammatory tablets , allergy tablets , to stop this, by moving the patches from one area of my body every day I was so sore and at this point I point blank refused to take any more of the patches and wanted to go onto the medication tablet form . My experience was very bad and if anyone has centres centres with skin I would not recommend it ,

Regards Raz

I’ve been on Rotigitine 6mg patches for 3 months now and was initially prescribed due to the fact I was suffering from regular restless leg syndrome which was making sleep almost impossible. Now, no more RLS even after I have exercised and I am sleeping normally again. I also take Sinemet and Ropinirole. For me, it has been a positive experience with the only (minor) downside, remembering where to stick the next patch and of course, if you are quite hairy like I am, and too lazy to shave the application area, pulling a patch off, can make your eyes water a bit.

Thank you all for your experiences. I think I will try to stay off the patches for a while longer.

Hi Marge

I think you need to do what’s right for you and only your will be able to say how something works with your body and how it makes you feel when taking them. If you do have any more questions than 1 am here, I will try my best to answer Them, take care


Thanks Raz

Hi Raz, well it was back in January I asked for comments on using Neupro patches and decided against using them. I have now decided that perhaps I do need more medication but I have just picked them up and read the leaflet. It has really put me off again. I only have a 2mg dose so quite low. It’s the thought of all the horrendous side effects though that really puts me off.

Any one else got any comments pls.