Rottern days

tell me about some rottern days you have had,for instance this morning my internett went down,so no lappy for a while.and the ceiling in the kitern water coming through,its filled up my tube liting and water coming out both ends in to pans.i got pans and towels every were,im just waiting for a man to come fix it.ahhhhh hury up:fearful:

your rottern days could be disaters,or even really bad days with your parky,you choice the rotternest days you have had:smile:

Hi Ali j
I'm waiting to have a good day.i went to the docs and she said your looking well how do you feel.i told her I'm not doing bad I've only had one really bad headache since April.she said thats good you must be on the right dosage.i said not really ive still got it.anyone know of a good medication to get rid of headache without the norm side effects.

Hi Ali and all I had a long list of rotten days.What you've been through makes mine trivial. Thank you for making me feel better.

Potter64130 I don't know if this will help. I myself avoid taking tablets if there is another alternative. I carry in my bag a crystal.Rubbed on my forehead,the cold feeling gives relief. I know this may sound strange but i also have a couple of flat stones in my freezer that I use to relieve back pain.

hiya potter im so sorry you got bad headaches still,im afraid i dont no any meds with out side effects,mi guess you used the normal like anidian and neurofen?some times things like the old remidies likeyears ago can help,beter than meds some times.i hope you get sorted out,i dunna like a headache linging on either makes u feel misserable.i keep fingers crossed for you it goes soon and u feeling more comfortable xx:smile:

hi angel4u,thankyou for wot you said bout me,but your rottern days need to be helped ,i may of been through alot,but i see it there people going through more than me.every one with any illness i pray for angel,my hearts hurting so bad l;atley mom back in hospital and may loose both legs,she already got brain cancer and they carnt op,things like this makes me relises when i moan about a ache im having i need to rethink wot im saying.every one has rottern days and good days.and i hope you have more good than bad,please could you pray along with me for my mom angel,it would mean so much to me:disappointed:

Dear Ali ,I pray for everyone who suffers any pain on this earthplane .Blessings
especially to your mum. Angel4ux

Hi ali j
Thanks for the just taking paracetamol when the pain gets bad.its the bells palsey that's causing the pain.its the muscles contracting that's doing my head in.i don't know how I would cope if it was permanent.


thankyou so much angel it means so much to me x:smile:

hi potter64130 im so sorry your suffering with bells palsy,thats not pleasent to have at all.there must be some thing else you can take,has the dr not prescribed you anything for these rottern headaches your having?some times parcetmol 500 is just not strong enough.

Hi AI j the doc prescribed Tramadol 50g x 8 a day. I didn't know what I was doing.i nearly ncrashed the car on the way home from Skegness .i stopped driving. I felt drunk all the I got on the net and found out that it was a really bad drug and that people were having problems with just one tablet a day.i stopped taking them bad felt better without.but I do need something as its getting me down now.

hi ya,gosh you defo need some help,i really think your dr should send you to see a spealist,cus nothing seems to be making your headaches disapear.and those drugs,well you was one lucky man you had the sence to stop your car:smile: